Ex-tremely unexpected doesn’t even begin to describe the level of hilarity that ensues when exes decide to hit send. Breaking up is like unwrapping a present, You never know what’s inside until you’ve torn off the paper. But you can bet it will be ex-tremely entertaining. Of course, no collection of ex-tremely hilarious messages would be complete without the classic autocorrect fail. It’s ex-tremely foolish, but hey, at least there are looking out for your well-being, right? Each message is a reminder that even in the aftermath of a breakup. There is still a room for ex-tremely unexpected amusement. Exes always manage to find a way to reconnect with you. Below are some of the most jaw-dropping collections of most hilarious messages individuals have received from their former exes.

Being Called A Ex-tremely Bitch?

Worse Than A B*tch Ex-tremely
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Look who decided to dial up drama for breakfast. If your ex is resorting to name calling, they must have really mastered the art of maturity since you last spoke. But hey at least there are keeping their rhyming skills sharp, right? Next time they ring you up, hit them with some smooth jazz. Remember you are too fabulous for ex drama before your second cup of coffee. You are majestic unicorn, not a witch, unless you have been secretly brewing potions in your spare time.

Time To Reclaim your Junk?

Did your ex just text? Ex-tremely
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Oh, the dreaded message from your ex: “Hey, could you come and collect your belongings?” Its like having unexpected visit from ghost of past relationship. At least they are not unexpectedly showing up at your doorstep with a box of your stuff. I guess we should be grateful for small blessings, right?

They Want To Rewrite The Ending!!

Did your ex just text? Ex-tremely
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Casually swiping through your phone, mind your own business, out of no where a message pops up. And guess who it is?? Yep that’s your ex-tremely weird partner from past. You can’t help but burst out laughing. Did they honest believe that  a simple text could erase all the drama and heartbreak? Its like they are auditioning for some cheesy romantic comedy squeal. You are unsuspecting star caught in the middle of their failed grand gesture.

In Need OF A Reply?

21 Exes Who Reaaaaaaaally Want You Back​ - Funny Ex Texts
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Receiving an unexpected request from an ex to “hook up” can be both surprising and amusing. It might seem like they’re trying to relive past romance or seeking attention. You’re likely experiencing a mix of disbelief and amusement at their boldness. They may appear to be in a romantic fantasy, oblivious that the relationship is long over. Instead of engaging, you politely decline, recognizing that certain boundaries need to remain closed, particularly when they involve intimate encounters with a former partner.

Ex-tremely Weird Stalker!!

28 Hilarously Desperate Texts From Exes
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Picture this: you’re ready to settle in for a relaxing night of streaming, but your Netflix watchlist is filled with puzzling choices – cringeworthy rom-coms and strange documentaries about cheese-making. It’s clear someone else has been taking advantage of your account – your ex. It’s like a sly invasion of privacy! As you scroll through your viewing history, you can’t help but laugh at the absurdity. It’s like they’ve left a clear trail of evidence through their odd movie and TV picks.

Cheating Has Different Definitions?

27 Funny "Texts From Your Ex"
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Excuses like “We never went on dates” for cheating are desperate attempts to justify infidelity. Cheating is not defined by romantic outings but by breaking trust. It’s a flimsy excuse that fails to address the fundamental breach of commitment.

Ex’s No Text Zone!!

28 Hilarously Desperate Texts From Exes
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Instead of getting caught up in pointless text conversations, it’s wiser to remain silent. Engaging with someone who doesn’t value your input is a waste of time and effort. Rather than investing in unproductive interactions, focus on more meaningful activities, even if they seem trivial, like watching paint dry or counting blades of grass.

Audacity To Ask For Cuddles???

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As you envision the practicalities of igniting your former partner (metaphorically speaking, of course), it’s hard not to giggle at the mental picture. The flickering flames gracefully encircling their extended limbs while they desperately beg for a final embrace. It’s almost like a poetic absurdity, reminiscent of a dark romantic comedy where the recurring punchline is always a firm rejection, saying “no thanks, I’ll decline.” The sheer hilarity of the situation is both amusing and twisted, showcasing an innovative twist on the conventional breakup narrative.

Where Did The Promise Go?

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One of the most incredible messages from your ex partner is the message that ultimately led to the end of your relationship. It seems that this individual was not content with the fact that his girlfriend was battling cancer, so he made the decision to break up with her. It’s quite disappointing, but perhaps not everyone possesses the ability to handle such a situation.

How Is That Ex-tremely Gonna Work??

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It’s truly astonishing how many former partners believe that they can regain someone’s affection with a mere gesture, even after they have completely shattered their trust and emotions. This serves as a prime example of an individual who genuinely believed that a bouquet of roses could magically fix their broken relationship.

That’s Your Best Attempt?

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Let’s talk about the absolute worst conversation starters an ex could possibly conjure up. Imagine this: they decide to kick things off with a reference to stimulus checks. Yep, you read that right. It’s as cringeworthy as it sounds – and about as romantic as a tax audit.

Ok Cool If You Say Soo!!

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Messages from your ex can be a mixed bag of surprises. They’re not always about rekindling the flame, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less peculiar. Take, for example, the text notification stating that your ex will cease communication out of respect for their new spouse. It’s a curveball you never saw coming, leaving you scratching your head in bewilderment.

Ex-tremely Importance Of Netflix

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In a breakup, there are many things you bid farewell to, but surprisingly, one thing you might not lose in the divorce is access to your ex’s streaming services. This is often because they simply forgot to change the password after you parted ways. However, it’s important to note that if they are the ones paying for the services, they have every right to cut off your access. So, while it may be a small consolation, at least you can still enjoy your favorite shows and movies for a little while longer before the inevitable password change. Just make sure to savor those binge-watching sessions while you can!

Ex-tremely Not Any More!!

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You don’t necessarily have to have a sour relationship with your former partner. In fact, it’s entirely feasible to maintain a relatively amicable connection with your ex, as not all breakups occur due to negative circumstances. However, if you were in a situation where you needed to borrow money, would your ex really be the first person you’d turn to?

Why God Ex-tremely Why??

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Many former partners attempt to uncover a more profound rationale for their decision to end the relationship with you. At times, it can be exasperating, while on other occasions, it’s simply entertaining. Clearly, this particular ex engaged in some extraordinary mental contortions to arrive at the conclusion stated here.

Bro Can’t Take A Hint!

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There are countless ex-partners out there who seem to be completely oblivious to social cues. Despite your clear disinterest, they persistently attempt to reconcile with you. Let me share an astounding story that perfectly exemplifies this type of ex.

Oh Ex-tremely Great Dogs Can Text Now!

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This text about an ex is truly remarkable for several reasons. Firstly, it begins by making an unexpectedly scandalous statement. Following that, the ex attempts to argue that they were not responsible for the text, but instead, their dog was to blame.

Church After Break Up

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We can’t help but ponder if certain former partners have a touch of schizophrenia or some other mental condition. It really does seem like a plausible explanation when they send such outrageous messages like this. Do they hold deep-seated resentment towards their ex or do they suddenly want to attend church with them? Perhaps they are just desperately craving attention and will do whatever it takes to grab someone’s focus. It’s mind-boggling why anyone would even attempt to make amends after uttering such offensive words.

Why Would He Ask That?

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Have you ever had an ex-partner who inexplicably fixated on your life, even though they had no logical reason to still be thinking about you? These individuals ask peculiar questions and attempt to extract unnecessary information from you. It seems that these exes are always curious about your current dating situation, no matter the point in time.

Is That even Necessary?

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Sometimes, your former partner simply desires to flaunt their achievements in front of you. Why they feel the need to do so remains a mystery. Perhaps it stems from their own deep-seated insecurities. Honestly, it’s quite pathetic. If they rely on such behavior to boost their self-esteem, it’s clear that they have significant issues to address in their life. On the other hand, maybe they were attempting to make a jest or something of the sort. However, if that was their intention, it fell flat and lacked any semblance of humor or tact. Regardless of the motive behind it, this text from an ex is truly unbelievable.


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Receiving a conflicting message from a former partner is a fairly common occurrence. However, the extent of the confusion differs from individual to individual. In this particular scenario, the ex seems to be torn between despising this person and desiring to start a family with them. That’s a significant emotional gap! If you can’t even sort out your own feelings, it’s unreasonable to expect others to understand what you’re trying to convey. Regrettably, many individuals have to grapple with similar messages from their ex-partners.