Brandon and Kayla Shay were the sweetest and happily married couple for the past 4 years. Together, they built their humble abode calling it home. Both, Brandon and Kayla worked hard to build their livelihood; Brandon worked as a Software Engineer for an esteemed IT firm and Kayla served as a Marketing Manager for the same firm. They both were looked upon by their subordinates because of their dedication towards their respective work. Kayla was known to be respectful and sweet and so was Brandon. Everything was working in the favor of this couple, they were each others missing puzzle piece until this one thing that ravaged the happy going marriage! Kayla definitely had not imagined to find her husband cheating on their wedding anniversary!

Childhood Sweethearts

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Brandon and Kayla became friends in the middle school because a sobbing Kayla was offered a chocolate milk by a tooth broken Brandon and just like that, they became friends. Time passed by and they reached High School. It did not take much time for the friends to turn into lovers!

The Campus Couple

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Being together did not alter their growth, both excelled academically and even at the extra academic activities. Brandon was an excellent sports person and even was a part of the University’s Football team. Kayla never failed to attend his games. She was his biggest cheerleader. The same went for Brandon. Kayla was a part of the uni’s Drama team and was exemplary at it.  Their affection towards each other was very much visible to the other students on the campus and were labelled as the ‘The Campus Couple’

And She Said Yes!

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Brandon did not want to waste much time. He couldn’t wait live with her and to start a family. He wanted to propose Kayla as soon as possible, but, he wanted to do it in a traditional way. When Kayla was off to her workplace, Brandon showed up at her parent’s house to ask for their approval for the wedding. They were delighted and gladly said yes. They had practically seen Brandon grow up right in front of their own eyes, he was a great guy and he loved Kayla unconditionally. After getting their approval, Brandon soon started planning the proposal and guess what? He made sure it was special! He proposed Kayla at the same place where he first met her and she gladly said YES!

Happily Married

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Their wedding appeared like it was a scene straight out of a movie, it looked magical when they said their ‘I do’s’. Everyone looked happy for the couple and granted them their blessings. The couple had fun and danced their hearts out. That was definitely the couple’s most memorable day.

A Content Life

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The couple was living happily. They had everything, they were financially stable, they loved each other and even had a dog! Brandon and Kayla made sure to take time out for each other. Spending weekends together, a planned date and what not, they made sure give quality time to each other.

The Calm Before The Storm

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Something changed and the change was drastic. The happy going couple were suddenly distant now. It happened gradually over time, both got burdened with work pressure that their roles offered, spending time together was now a task. The making time now changed into finding time for each other. Brandon was upset that Kayla couldn’t give him the time and attention he needed. Although, Kayla tried compensating for it by cooking his favorite cuisines on the weekends, but that still wasn’t enough. Suddenly, Brandon even stopped communicating, leaving Kayla bewildered and alone in their crumbling relationship, haunted by the specter of her cheating husband. They stopped talking completely and lived like strangers.

The Anniversary Surprise

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Past few days were tumultuous for the couple. Kayla decided it was high time to mend things between them. She decided to make a plan to fix things between her and her husband. The couple’s anniversary was arriving soon so she decided to throw a surprise wedding bash for him. She invited their close ones who had witnessed their journey. She planned everything without taking help from anyone. From food to the décor, everything was setup.

The Surprise

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It was D-Day. Everything was planned. Brandon arrived home from his work and he was greeted by a surprise party thrown by Kayla. An instant smile lit up on Brandon’s face and he hugged Kayla while thanking her. The couple cut the cake and the celebrations begun. All was going good. They were smiling and laughing their hearts out.

And The Storm Hit, Caught Cheating

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The unexpected had arrived. It was not something the couple was prepared for. When everyone was sitting in the lawn, Kayla saw that Brandon was missing from the party. She excused herself and went inside the house to find him. When she entered their bedroom, the scenario in front of her was something that completely fragmented her view on her loving marriage. Brandon was cheating and it was not just anyone but her own BESTFRIEND! She saw them in their bedroom kissing each other. Never would have she imagined that her own bestfriend and her husband will go behind her back like this. It shattered her.

Connecting The Dots

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As Kayla began piecing together the clues, subtle yet telling signs started to emerge. From her best friend’s sudden visits to Brandon’s aloofness, everything started to align with a troubling pattern. It was then she realized the undeniable truth: her marriage was unraveling due to her cheating husband! It was then that Kayla decided to confront this issue head-on.

The Ultimate Revenge On The Cheating Husband

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Kayla decided that she needed to take a revenge on her cheating husband. She joined the party again, but before that she made sure to click their pictures. Soon, Brandon and her bestfriend joined the party too. Kayla announced that she had a gift for Brandon and connected her phone to the projector in the backyard. What came next shook Brandon. Those were his pictures which Kayla clicked a few minutes ago and now everyone in the family can see them. They were disgusted. Kayla announced that she will be ending her marriage without giving Brandon any other chance and the people present supported her.

A New Beginning Leaving A Cheating Spouse Behind

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After granting her the divorce, Brandon- the cheating husband, failed to offer any apology. Brandon justified his actions by comparing the lack of time Kayla provided. Kayla found this excuse to be faltering and decided to have no contact with him post this. She decided to heal through this and live a content life. Kayla understood how important it was to stand for herself. She made her new mission to explore herself again.