Toddlers are just drunk kids! Its really difficult being a kid, why? Because kids are new to this world and no one understands exactly what they are crying for! Fun part is toddlers are full of emotions. Let’s Go through these comical bizarres of crysis management.

Magician Parents?

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Parents need to help their children when they need them, But how can someone become a magician? A mother shared that here kid was crying because he didn’t like his lips and he wanted her to wipe his lips off. I understand that lips are sometimes chappy, dead and annoying but wiping them off not happening! Life is bumpy and kids are grumpy!

Appetizing Couch!

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Tempting to taste everything? Yes! why not, that looks yummy. Mom why wont you allow me to eat this couch? I want to eat it but it doesn’t taste good either. Why don’t this taste good? Because it is a couch we sit on it we cannot eat that. No mom it looks like a chocolate. Crysis management is one of the toughest issue parents have to deal with.

My Muffin, Dad!!

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Holding on to things is the first thing a toddler learns while growing up. This dad eats up a muffin after his daughter said she doesn’t want the muffin, kid starts crying. What is the matter cupcake? Why did you eat my muffin Daddy? You said you didn’t want it. But, I wanted to save it for later.

Dog Ate FOOD!

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I am crying because I threw food for my dog on the ground and my dog ate it. Dogs eating food might be surprising for toddlers. But why so sad?! That was my food why did the dog eat it? Didn’t you throw food to her and ask to eat? Yes I did but she shouldn’t have ate it. That’s my food.

Emotional Support, Sausage?

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After 3 hours of dinner before going to bed mom tried to take sausage from toddlers hand, kid ended up crying. Its very common that kids get attached to little things quickly, and might need support, but can a sausage be an emotional supporter to a toddler? Might have to think about this!

Stick My Hair Back Mom! Accurate Crysis Management.

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Leaving kids with scissors is dangerous as well as funny. Chopping your hair off is the first thought that runs into Childs mind but will it stick back? Hair grow back but why cant it stick back? This kid is crying because she chopped her hair and now she wants her mom to stick back her hair and her mother doesn’t know how to do that. Messy kid on the roll!

Ok But COFFEE Please!

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Some drinks are strictly prohibited for kids and coffee is one of them, but how are we going to convince them that this isn’t good for them. I want to drink what you are having. But that’s coffee and you are not allowed to drink that. Only one sip please!! No honey! and then the bawling game begins. When kids have no habit of listening to no!

Muffins Gone!

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Do you remember Joey from friends, saying Joey Doesn’t Share Food!!!! Kids might eat whole packet but never realize that and that’s ok!  Where did my muffin go? Who ate it? I want it back. You ate the whole packet dear. No daddy ate it. Trust Issues Since childhood begins!

Dog Food Please!

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Dog Food is just like a finger snacks, flirting with you every time you look at it. Kids can eat anything they want. May it be mud, ants or food lying on the floor. Dog food doesn’t matter after all its food! Just one bite won’t harm me Mom! You cannot eat that honey. But whyyyyyy?? Crysis management has no limit, kids have emotions piled up.

Ketchup = Baby Bottle!

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She likes what she like! End of discussion. Ketchup is of the sauce with people like or dislike there is nothing in between. Why would someone drink ketchup as if its water? For adults its a big no! but kids can definitely set a bar. Crying because mom wont let her drink ketchup from the ketchup bottle. Why mom why are you doing this to her? And now the crysis management begins!

A Pee – Drawer?

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Mom finds a pee drawer in kids room. What is that? Did you pee in there? Yes! Why did you do that? Because that’s the pee drawer Mom!  No, you have to pee in the washroom. Talents are bouncing over the places but thinking about a pee drawer is one of a kind.

Waffle Dreams?

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Dreaming about silly things is what everyone does but can a waffle be a prince charming? A girl cannot stop crying about the dream she had last night. It isn’t revealed that was the waffle chasing her or did she want to eat it did someone eat on her behalf. But yes she cant stop crying because of waffle!

Why So Scary Santa?

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Ho!Ho!Ho! Santa Claus is coming to town. Sometimes Santa is scary with his big beard and his loud laugh. But he still brings us gifts we ask for on Christmas eve! We all had a image of Santa saved in our brain, but kids don’t actually know Santa. He is just a old man trying to take them away? No! but Dad I met Santa and I am scared of him. Help Me!!

Too Many Crayons!!

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Kids have very less Judgement idea but they are the most hard workers ask them not to help they will still be eager to do it anyways. Judgement about size and shape is really difficult for a toddler but still they will try to fit every other thing in something or the other. Why are these crayons testing my patience’s?

Munching On Football!!

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I am hungry! Let me eat that football. Have you ever tasted a football? I Might say it tastes a bit weird but later it ends up filling up the stomach. Munching of the football but mom says no to it. I should hide the football and later on when moms asleep I will eat it. Give me that yummy little not so round ball, or should I say can I have a football venti?

Let me hit you!

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While growing up kids tend to develop there motor skills and have a tendency to hit anyone and everyone. Dad shares that his son wanted to hit him with phone on his face but he stopped the kid and the started sobbing. Kids should be stopped the minute they are going wrong but how are we even going to tell them that this is wrong and you shouldn’t repeat it. Tiring isn’t it? But we have to deal with it!

Soft Toy Ain’t Ready to Sleep! (Can This Be A result of Crysis Management?)

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A favorite toy, bed time pal, first best friend is always a soft toy. Having a soft toy to sleep by is having a support but what if the soft toy isn’t ready to sleep? Stressful isn’t it? Kids being innocent wants everything the way they want it to be but never happens. Soft toy is just a toy kiddo it never closes its eyes!

When We Deal With Crysis Management of No Soft Skin!

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Mom revealed that she complimented her boy that he has very soft skin and kid started to cry saying no soft skin. Why wouldn’t he want soft skin its cool to have soft skin. Is it really traumatizing to have soft skin for kids? Again kids being hilarious and no one can help it.

Pulling Dogs Lips From His Face!!

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Why do dogs have lips? I don’t like them, please pull them out! Don’t stop me wipe his lips off please. Great idea if you don’t like something just wipe it of.

No Stabbing! A true Cry-sis management issue.

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Not liking babysitter is one of the kind everyone faces. Having friendly nanny is a task but not impossible. She wanted to stab her babysitter with toy knife! That wasn’t right and she was stopped on the spot but she burst out in tears.

No Outing!

He doesn't want to go (even though we've repeatedly told him we're not going anywhere) Crysis Management
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Assumptions are most common thing in adults as well as children. Going on outing is sometimes hectic but at times awesome. But such a young kid assuming about stuff is leading to their overthinking lane. Parents are suppose to understand kids on the moment and give a advise!

No Banana!!

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You offer Me a banana or you don’t offer me a banana I just don’t want it end of discussion! No more arguments Ahead! It is usually stuck into kids mind that if everyday a certain fruit of vegetable in offered to them they will remember it and will refuse to have it you offer it or not.

Crysis Management: I Am Thirsty!

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Crysis Management doesn’t work when it comes to stop kids from doing somethings which aren’t good for them. Having a toddler is very difficult to mold. As toddlers start learning many things at this age, but have no idea about right and wrong. As said something which looks delicious is must to try but we cant allow anything and everthing. In this image the kid wants to drink toilet bowl cleaner and cries when stopped from doing it.