The gaming world has been abuzz with excitement and anticipation ever since the confirmation of Grand Theft Auto VI’s development. With a much-anticipated return to Vice City in 2025, the recent release of the GTA 6 trailer and subsequent leaks have provided gamers with a glimpse into the highly anticipated gameplay. In this blog post, we will delve into the details of what we currently know about GTA 6 gameplay, including the setting, characters, new features, and improvements that Rockstar Games has in store for us.

Return to Vice City

GTA 6 vice city map
Source: LDPlayer

One of the most significant revelations from the leaks is the return to Vice City, a location cherished by fans since the 1980s. The leaked map showcases a modernized and updated version of Vice City, featuring familiar landmarks and introducing new areas. The setting includes minimarts, liquor stores, a football stadium for the Vice City Mambas, a marina, and a pier along the coast. Additionally, hints of a nuclear power plant and an Everglades-inspired area add depth to the city, promising an immersive environment for players to explore. The inclusion of a marina, pier, and potentially a nuclear power plant adds layers to the immersive world. Moreover, the leaked map introduces a new area named Port Gellhorn, possibly drawing inspiration from Latin locales and expanding the game’s cultural diversity.

Female Protagonist

GTA 6 Female Protagonist
Source: GAMINGbible

A groundbreaking addition to the GTA series is the introduction of a female protagonist named Lucia. This marks a departure from the series’ tradition of featuring male central characters. Lucia’s story, intertwined with a love affair reminiscent of Bonnie and Clyde, adds a new dimension to the game. Customization options for Lucia, including makeup choices available at salons and stylists throughout the map, further enhance player engagement and immersion.

Revamped Police Systems

gta 6 police
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GTA 6 promises to shake up the police mechanics with an expanded star system and wanted level. Leaked footage shows detailed descriptions for wanted levels, indicating that witnesses can identify your character and getaway vehicle. The introduction of a dynamic ‘witness’ system suggests that NPCs react to your actions, adding a layer of realism to the game. These improvements aim to provide a more challenging and realistic experience when dealing with law enforcement.

More Than One Country?

gta 6 countries
Source: Reddit

Speculations about the inclusion of more than one country in GTA 6 have surfaced, with mentions of Canada and Mexico in the leaked content. The large map size and Rockstar’s ambition to redefine the game raise the possibility of players traveling between countries in real time. If realized, this feature could introduce a new level of exploration and diversity to the game world.

Age and Growth

GTA 6 Age and Growth
Source: GameBaba

Building on the character development system introduced in Red Dead Redemption 2, GTA 6 incorporates aging, weight gain, and muscle dynamics for characters Lucia and Jason. Visual cues such as beard and hair growth, along with changes in weight and muscle mass, contribute to a more dynamic and realistic representation of characters in the game world.

Shared Inventory

gta 6 Shared Inventory
Source: GAMINGbible

A shared inventory system adds a cooperative element to GTA 6 gameplay. Players can give specific guns, equipment, and items to their partner in crime, facilitating strategic planning for missions. This feature also allows players to interact with their partner through a ping system and issue commands during missions, enhancing the overall cooperative experience.

Realistic Criminal Economics

gta 6 money
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GTA 6 introduces the concept of money laundering, requiring players to invest stolen funds in businesses for cleaning and safekeeping. The leaked icon featuring a dollar symbol inside a washing machine suggests that players will need to manage their criminal enterprises strategically. This addition adds depth to the economic aspects of the game, aligning with the theme of organized crime.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Inspirations

gta 6 greet rob
Source: BossFTW

GTA 6 draws inspiration from Rockstar’s previous success, Red Dead Redemption 2, incorporating features such as the dialogue system and the character carrying limited weapons on their back. The leaked footage showcases familiar prompts like “Greet,” “Threaten,” and “Rob,” providing players with diverse interaction options. This cross-pollination of successful elements ensures a cohesive and engaging gaming experience.

More Enterable Buildings

GTA 6 Buildings
Source: HT Tech

One exciting revelation is the inclusion of more enterable buildings in GTA 6 than in any previous installment. While the leaked footage reveals only a handful of locations, the promise of a vast and immersive game world is evident. Players can explore numerous new areas, contributing to a richer and more interactive gaming experience.

Realistic and Adaptive AI NPC Behavior

Source: Reddit

GTA 6 features improved AI behaviors for both police and NPCs. In the context of robbery scenarios, police AI adjusts their height based on the environment, adeptly crouching or standing as needed. Additionally, NPCs exhibit more natural behaviors, such as entering buildings, traveling in groups, and engaging in conversations. Furthermore, these enhancements seamlessly extend to cutscenes, ensuring that NPC interactions remain fluid and responsive to player actions.


hacking in GTA
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A robust hacking system takes center stage in GTA 6, introducing a range of hacking equipment for players to utilize. Furthermore, from Tracker Jammers to Immobilizer Bypass devices, players can engage in sophisticated car hijacking and technology-based scams. Consequently, this addition enhances the complexity of stealing cars, requiring players to navigate a more intricate system to achieve their criminal objectives.

More Details

GTA 6 cars
Source: Rockstar

GTA 6 pays attention to small details that contribute to the overall realism of the game world. Features like smoking, which can be equipped as a weapon, eating and drinking directly from the inventory, and purchasing gumballs from machines add nuance to the gaming experience. Dynamic elements such as dirty clothes, collectible car parts, and improved vehicle handling further elevate the level of detail in the game.

Gta 6 Jason And Lucia
Source: Pixground

Grand Theft Auto VI has ignited a fire of anticipation among fans, promising an expansive and immersive gaming experience. From the familiar yet refreshed Vice City to the groundbreaking inclusion of a female protagonist and revamped police systems, Rockstar seems poised to redefine the open-world genre once again. In a world increasingly connected digitally, the excitement for GTA VI mirrors the growing demand for games to play with friends online.

Moreover, with the cinematic quality showcased in the leaks, the question arises – could GTA VI be one of those rare games that need to be a movie? The immersive storytelling, dynamic characters, and attention to detail hint at a narrative depth that transcends the gaming medium. As we eagerly await the next chapter in the Grand Theft Auto saga, the leaks have not only fueled our gaming enthusiasm but also sparked discussions about the evolving nature of interactive entertainment.