Hey there, fellow gamers! If you’re anything like us, you understand that gaming hits a whole new level of awesome when you’re tearing it up with your buddies But what’s the plan when your gaming buddies are spread out like loot in an open-world RPG? Fret not, because we’ve got your back! In this blog, we’re about to unveil the 15 best free online games to play with friends that’ll keep you and your friends connected and entertained. Let’s get this party started!

Among Us

Among Us - one of the best free online games
Source: IGN

This game is the ultimate test of trust and deception. Unleash your inner detective as you work together to identify the imposter among your crew members in this spaceship-themed game. But beware, because the imposter is among you, lurking in plain sight! And they’ll stop at nothing to sabotage your mission. Can you identify the impostors before they take you out?


Fortnite - one of the best free online games
Source: Owen Williams

Fortnite isn’t just a game; it’s a cultural phenomenon. Drop onto an island with your squad, gather resources, and outlast the competition in this battle royale extravaganza. And hey, building a fort in the middle of a firefight is a skill you never knew you needed.


Skribbl.io - one of the best free online games
Source: Cheaterboss

Put your artistic talents to the test in this hilarious drawing and guessing game. Create doodles based on given prompts, and let your friends guess what you’re trying to convey. The more absurd, the better!


Valorant - one of the best free online games
Source: TheXboxHub

If you fancy yourself a tactical genius, Valorant is your game. It’s like a mashup of Counter-Strike and Overwatch, with an added sprinkle of magic. Team up with friends, choose unique characters, and shoot your way to victory in this free-to-play first-person shooter.

8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool
Source: CNET

If you’re in the mood for something more laid back, 8 Ball Pool is your ticket to virtual billiards. Challenge your friends to a game of pool and see who can sink the most balls. It’s a great way to relax, chat, and maybe even show off your trick shot skills.

Cards Against Humanity

Bad Cards
Source: Insider

Bad Cards, formerly known as “All Bad Cards,” this game is a hilarious and unfiltered take on the classic card game Cards Against Humanity. Create outrageous and offensive phrases to make your friends laugh (or cringe). This hilariously inappropriate card game is not for the faint of heart, but if you and your friends have a twisted sense of humor and a penchant for risqué jokes, then it might just become your new favorite party pastime.

Evil Apples
Source: Faded Spring

And if you’re looking for a mobile gaming experience with a similar vibe, don’t miss ‘Evil Apples‘ – the app version of this wickedly fun game is available on both Android and iOS platforms. It’s your chance to bring the hilarity on the go and keep the laughs rolling wherever you are.


Source: Dicebreaker

For the wordsmiths and tacticians among us, Codenames is the game of choice. As spymasters, you’ll give one-word clues to your teammates, leading them to guess the secret words on your team’s board. It’s a true test of vocabulary and communication skills!


Source: Google Play

Get ready for some trivia madness! Psych! presents you with three answers to a question, but two of them are completely made up by your fellow players. Can you spot the real answer and fool your friends?

League of Legends

League of Legends
Source: Epic Games

For those who enjoy the thrill of intense strategy, League of Legends (LoL) is a timeless classic among online games to play with friends. This multiplayer online battle arena game requires you to work together with your team to destroy the enemy’s Nexus. Warning: It’s easy to lose track of time in the world of LoL.


Source: Steam

If you’ve ever fantasized about smashing your friends with a hammer-wielding Viking or a sword-swinging cat, Brawlhalla is the game for you. This platform fighting game is pure chaotic fun and will have you and your friends shouting with glee (or frustration).

Rocket League

Rocket League
Source: Variety

What do you get when you combine soccer with rocket-powered cars? Rocket League, of course! This high-octane game is a blast to play with friends, whether you’re aiming for the perfect aerial goal or executing jaw-dropping saves. Who knew cars could be so agile on the field?


Source: The Smart Local

If you’re already addicted to the five-letter guessing game Wordle, then Squabble is about to become your new obsession. It’s a multiplayer Wordle, but with a delightful twist. In Squabble, not only do you compete against your friends to guess the word, but there’s a twist – everyone has a depleting health bar! When your health bar reaches zero, your game ends. When you guess right, you heal a bit and deal damage to your opponents. Guess wrong, and you’ll take damage. Be the last one standing, and you’ll be crowned the ultimate Squabble champion. It’s like a word battle royale!

Ludo King

Ludo Kings
Source: Crazy Games

Remember the good old board game Ludo? Well, it’s taken the internet by storm, and Ludo King is the best way to play it online with friends. This game offers several ways to enjoy it with your pals. You can play locally on the same computer, connect with friends on different devices or even have a mix of both – you on your browser, and your friends using the Ludo King app.

Ludo is a simple dice-based game where you aim to move your four pins from the starting point to your “house.” Along the way, you’ll try to knock out your friends’ pins while avoiding their attempts to get you. If you’re playing on a browser, you can link your Facebook account to find friends and invite them to join the Ludo King fun.


UNO - one of the best free online games
Source: Polygon

Prepare for hours of laughter and frustration with UNO, the classic card game that’s perfect for virtual gatherings. UNO is one of the best online games to play with friends, replicating the fun of gathering around a table to shout “UNO!” at the top of your lungs. Play your cards right, strategize, and be the first to get rid of your hand to claim victory. Just remember, wild cards can turn the tide of the game in an instant, and you might find yourself on the receiving end of some friendly (or not-so-friendly) sabotage.

Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour - one of the best free online games
Source: Nintendo

Who needs a Nintendo console when you can enjoy the high-speed thrills of Mario Kart Tour on your mobile device? Race against your friends in this free-to-play Mario Kart game. Choose your favorite Mario characters, collect power-ups, and engage in frenzied races on iconic tracks inspired by the Mario Kart series. It’s a fantastic way to relive childhood memories and settle the score on who’s the best Mario Kart racer among your friends.

Tips for Maximizing Fun With Free Online Games

Here are some bonus tips to make the experience even more entertaining:

Voice/Video Chat:  Online games to play with friends are a great way to stay connected and have fun with your friends, even when you’re apart. And half the fun of these games is seeing how your friends react. When playing online, we recommend setting up a group audio/video call in one of the popular video conferencing apps like Zoom, Discord, or Skype. This way, you can hear the laughter, exclamations, and friendly banter in real-time, making the gaming experience feel even more immersive.

Source: Discord

Host Tournaments: Turn friendly competition into a full-blown tournament. Keep score and crown a champion at the end of the night. To up the stakes, introduce prizes for winners or funny punishments for losers. The winner of a game night could earn the title of “Game Guru” until the next gathering, while the loser might have to perform a silly dare chosen by the group.

Embrace the Banter: Trash talk and friendly banter are all part of the fun. Encourage good-spirited ribbing among friends. Just remember, it’s all in the name of fun, and no one should take it too seriously.

Customize Your Games: Spice things up by introducing your own house rules or challenges. Many of these games offer customization options. Experiment with different game modes, rule variations, or even self-imposed challenges to keep things fresh and exciting. For instance, try playing Fortnite with only melee weapons or in Skribbl.io try drawing only with your non-dominant hand for added hilarity.

Switch Up Teams: In team-based games like Valorant or Rocket League, mix up the teams periodically to keep things interesting. Playing with different combinations of friends can lead to unexpected strategies and lots of laughs.

Share the Laughs: Don’t forget to capture those hilarious moments and epic fails. Share screenshots or video clips with your groups to relive the fun later. You’ll be amazed at how many inside jokes and memes can come from your gaming adventures.