“Love is not a feeling of happiness, it is a willingness of sacrifice.” It is a unsaid feeling where everyone feels safe. Love beyond status channels that brain falls of from what heart wants, considering heart isn’t always right but has too many emotions piled up. Love beyond status attributes a fascinating relation. The concept of love beyond status has prioritized that true love is not restricted or limited. The sentimental bond between two individuals without expectations, generally love beyond status features that true love is power.

First Meet!

Friends meeting
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Delilah and Mark were acquaintance,  it was enchantment. While introducing each other Mark glared at Delilah, he realized they had a connection, she did that too but assumed that he would never be interested in her. As Mark was attractive, Delilah thought that he might be egoistic and decided to ignore him. Sometimes overthinking wins over attraction. Knowing that next two years wont be boring everyone started hanging out.

College Orientation

Friends meeting
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College orientation is not just about knowing academics, schedules and serious talks but also includes dance, relaxation, after party and unique experience embracing college life. Mark saw Delilah walking down the stairs wearing black blazer dress, he stood stunned. Delilah continued to ignore him, Mark initiated the conversation but Delilah wasn’t sure whether she should be friends with him or not. Hesitation is very common in that matter, being friends is not easy unless and until you bond with a person.


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Day by day the bonds between friends got stronger. Hanging out in same friend circle for past 6 months but Mark and Delilah weren’t close enough. Mark and Delilah didn’t confess their feelings for each other despite being attracted to one another and having ample amount of time to bond Going on night outs clearing the exams together but the friendship wasn’t ready to turn into relationship.

The Talking Stage

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Mark initiated the conversation as Delilah went along with it, their affection for each other was growing but they hadn’t fallen in love yet. They started bonding gradually over texts and calls. Talking about what are your preferences and antipathy to how was your day? time just flew by days turned into months. In any relationship communication is the key element, as we often say. Any relation hinges on effective communication. Effective communication is essential in any relationship. Delilah and Mark started knowing each other to extent.

The Proposal

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Days turned into months and finally the day arrived, Mark gathered his willpower and decided to ask Delilah on date. It was alarming but it was a situation of now or never. Mark with the help of common friend called Delilah to a café, Mark came to the table and  stated may I join you? Delilah found Mark amused as she watched him in the café. He later sat and started the conversation while articulating he said Delilah I wanted to ask you something may I? Delilah’s heart pounded yes please go ahead, Mark confessed about his feelings.

Taking It Slow!

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Without replying to Mark’s feelings Delilah walked away, Mark thought he messed up with the friendship. After somedays Mark received a call it was Delilah, all she said was lets take this slow and know each other more. Taking the relationship slow is not a bad idea it gives you more time to know each other and understanding each other before dating is more reliable thing. As Delilah and Mark were taking it slow, they had to part ways for 2 months as it was internship month. Without conversation everyday they felt something was missing out.

She Said Yes!!

It was Mark’s birthday the only special gift he received was Delilah’s answer it was reply to his proposal. After knowing each other for 8 months Delilah finally said yes! and decided to have a memorable moment. Mark was on cloud 9, He wasn’t expecting Delilah to just walk up to him and give him his answer. Yes is not just and answer it is the promise to stick together through thick and thin, it is a agreement to embark on the journey where love, trust and companionship becomes guiding star. A single yes! can make someone feel really special.

Journey Of Love (Starts Love Beyond Status)

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Spending time together was part of their routine now, bunking classes, going on coffee dates, date nights, cuddle days, Netflix’s and chill. Days turned into months, and it was completion of 1 year relationship. After a wonderful one year Mark decided to introduce Delilah to his family, a big step into a relationship is meeting each others parents. Delilah’s family had known about Mark for months now, but until the day Mark wasn’t ready to introduce but here comes the day.

Meeting Parents

Dinner With In Laws
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Scared to meet Marks parents, Delilah got dressed up. The parents were really great but there was something missing, there was some hesitation while Mark’s parents spoke to Delilah. Dinner went well but still Delilah felt like an outsider, she was a bit upset and later Mark and Delilah left. Delilah raised her concern, but Mark assured her that he will talk to his parents. Assurance is being generous not everyone can assure you about relationship.

Skeptical Behavior (Struggle Of Love Beyond Status)

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Mark didn’t meet Delilah for weeks, Delilah was confused and Mark’s behavior. Delilah tried communicating with Mark but every time they ended up fighting. Fighting over little things was their daily routine now Delilah couldn’t find out the reason behind it. Mark had a skeptical behavior pattern, Delilah had a feel that Mark might be cheating on her, but was that true? Without communication there was no chance that things were going back to normal. Love wasn’t in the air anymore.

The Ultimate Test Of Love! (Will Love Win Beyond Status?)

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Delilah received call from Mark’s, he explained that his parents aren’t happy about their relationship, and would want them to part ways. Delilah’s dreams collapsed, Mark was just thinking about his parents and not about her. Why didn’t he take stand for her? Wasn’t he the one who fell in love first? Was he actually cheating on her? There was no explanation to this, was this the end of their relationship? Delilah asked Mark to stay, but he is hesitating to tell the whole truth. Delilah was shattered for months. The ultimate sacrifice of love for the sake of parents.

Separation (There Is No Love Beyond Status, After All It Ends!)

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Accepting the fact that there wont be future together Delilah Moved on, it was really difficult for her to deal with the separation. Mark hadn’t contacted her in months, but a single ray of hope was still there. It was love but why couldn’t anymore win it against the third person. As said love is not only 4 letter word but it is also the commitment, trust, hope and promises, but can’t people keep the promises. The ultimate sacrifice was done by Mark as well as Delilah. Even though there was love they had to part ways.

The Climax

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It was a convocation day, every one was meeting after a year. Delilah saw Mark standing in the corner, she headed towards him. Had a conversation about life but hesitating to talk about their unsolved relationship mystery. Mark initiated the topic, while speaking Mark said that he would either have to sacrifice his parents love or Delilah’s love. Can we talk to our parents a make them understand? They would never understand our love and I cannot afford to lose you. Will you marry me? he asked, and you guessed it right, SHE SAID YES!!!
The sacrifice can be on smaller level or on high end but all the efforts matter. Being firm on the decision is what makes all the dreams come true.