Social media can be a great place to connect with friends and keep up with the different interests we hold. However, consuming too much media at once can not only be overwhelming but tiring and draining for your brain. Over time, your mind becomes cluttered by unwelcome junk which can overall affect your mental health as a whole. To avoid these negative effects, it is important to detox from social media from time to time. This means taking a break from social media altogether for a set period of time, or at least limiting your usage significantly.

It can be difficult to figure out what else to do with your time out of thin air. That’s why we created a list of 15 hobbies to try out for you. If the one you pick isn’t your cup of tea, try another one! It can be frustrating picking up new hobbies as a beginner. So, instead of focusing on the end result, enjoy the process of learning and progressing. Expand your mind with one or a few of the following from the list: 

Play an Instrument 

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Picking up a new instrument can feel overwhelming but keep in mind, everyone started somewhere. Even your favorite artist was a beginner at one point. So don’t worry about the time it takes for you to learn a song. Slow down, take your time, and work your way up. You will only get better and better over time.  

Learn a New Language 

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As with picking up a new instrument, learning a new language can initially feel a little intimidating. You may feel as though there is so much to learn, maybe a little too much. However, all you need to do is break it down and start from the basics. We recommend downloading Duolingo, an app that breaks down the process of learning a new language into stages for beginners.  


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People often hold the misconception that crocheting is only a hobby for grandmothers. Little do they know what they’re missing out on! Crocheting is a hobby that keeps your brain active but in the most relaxing and therapeutic way. If you are the type of person who finds it difficult to sit still and rest, crocheting can be a great way to keep your hands active while also taking a break from the busy world.  


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You may be wondering, “Why read when I can just watch a show or movie on my TV?”. Watching something on the screen does not require any additional visualization or creativity. Whereas, the beauty and fun behind reading is in the creativity it promotes by getting you to visualize a whole new world. What’s also great about reading is that there are endless genres you can pick from. Don’t be afraid to explore different books, from thrilling adventures to thought-provoking self-help books, and find what catches your attention and resonates with you the most! Reading can be a journey of both imagination and self-discovery.


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Writing can be a great way to detox from the clutter social media creates in your mind. One of the things that can be challenging about writing for some is the restrictions their own minds create. We are often our biggest critic and should remind ourselves that there is no limit or boundaries when it comes to writing. Let your mind wander and encounter new ideas!  

Jigsaw Puzzles 

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Jigsaw puzzles are not only great for taking a break from social media but also for challenging your brain. It enhances mental speed and refines the connections between your brain cells which overall strengthens your short-term memory. Plus, it’s extremely rewarding and satisfying to complete.  

Bird Watching 

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Have you ever stopped to admire the flock of birds you see flying in synchronicity? Or that red cardinal that sits on the tree branch in front of your window? Birds are beautiful creatures and what’s cool about them is that each of them is unique. Bird watching is not only a peaceful hobby but also greatly informative. If this is something you might be interested in, we recommend grabbing a pair of binoculars and a beginner’s bird guidebook to truly fulfill the experience! 


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What better way to detox from social media than to get more in tune with nature? Hiking is not only greatly beneficial for your physical health in terms of keeping active but is also a great way to get some vitamin D and fresh oxygen in your system. If you don’t have a hill to hike nearby, try and find a trail around your neighborhood. 


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Bouldering is an ideal hobby not only because it’s a fun way to get your body moving but it also has multiple levels for you to continue working towards. There are countless different variations of holds and climbs. From crimps to jugs, everyone has their own preference. That’s what makes bouldering such a unique and thrilling hobby to pick up. 


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Skateboarding can be a little intimidating for some, especially those who are afraid of getting injured. If you’re someone who has always been intrigued by skateboarding but doesn’t really feel the need to learn crazy tricks, you might enjoy longboarding or penny boarding. Don’t get us wrong, you can definitely learn to do tricks on longboards as well, but they can also simply be used to cruise around and explore, making for a fun hobby to get some fresh air and stay active. 


Detox from social media by biking

If longboarding still feels a little risky for you, you’ll probably enjoy biking more. It is also another fun way to explore different trails or the city as a whole and is overall a safer mode of transportation. It’s also great because it keeps you physically active but can be calming at the same time. 

Collecting Records 

Detox from social media by collecting
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When was the last time you listened to an album from start to finish? With apps like Spotify, we have gotten accustomed to creating playlists filled with different songs, and the idea of listening to entire albums has slowly been fading away. Collecting records is a great way to reconnect with your favorite artists and appreciate their music as well as explore new artists and albums. What’s cool about this hobby is that it not only consists of listening to the records but also going out there and finding them!  


Detox from social media by cooking
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Cooking your own meals is not only healthier for you but can also be a way to practice mindfulness, making for an ideal hobby for detoxing. Plus, there are hundreds if not thousands of different recipes for you to explore. The best part? You get to have a delicious hot meal after completing the hobby. Can it get more rewarding than that? 


Detox from social media by coloring
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Adult coloring is underrated and definitely should be delved into more. It’s an amazing way to soothe your brain and anxiety and is overall a relaxing hobby that helps clear the mind. It’s also helpful in tapping into the creative side of your brain. 


Detox from social media by shopping
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If you enjoy fashion, thrifting is a great way to expand your style and also ensure you are getting quality clothes that will last you a while, all for an affordable price. Each piece at a thrift store is unique and has its own story, making it more exciting than shopping at a mall. Who doesn’t love a little treasure hunt? 

No matter what hobbies you choose, the most important thing is to find something that you enjoy and that helps you to relax and de-stress. Taking a break from social media can be a great way to improve your mental health and well-being.

Remember, you don’t need social media to be happy. There are many other ways to connect with the world around you and to live a fulfilling life. So go ahead and detox from social media today, and see how much better you feel!

Detox from social media and discover the world around you. Detox from social media and reconnect with yourself.