Welcome to the world of Taylor Swift collaborations! Singer-songwriter Taylor Swift is currently on her Era’s Tour, and her latest album, “Midnights,” has once again taken the music world by storm. As she graces stadiums and dominates the internet with her mega hits, one remarkable aspect that has consistently adorned her musical journey is her penchant for collaborating with other artists, weaving perfect themes and symphonies into her albums.

Throughout her career, spanning different eras and musical styles, Taylor Swift has joined forces with a diverse array of singers and songwriters. From the soulful harmonies with Ed Sheeran to the ethereal melodies with Bon Iver, and the mesmerizing duets with Lana Del Rey, Taylor’s collaborations have left an indelible mark on the music landscape.

In this list, let’s delve into her best collaborations with these artists to produce some of the greatest hits of her time.

1. Zayn Malik in I don’t wanna live forever.

Taylor Swift and Zayn Malik
Source: Teen Vogue

A much-awaited collaboration from both of the fandoms came in the form of the song “I don’t wanna live forever”. In a song of passion and longing, Taylor Swift and Zayn Malik feature their strong vocal chords along with some melodious harmonies which perfectly encapsulate the song. Released as a single, Taylor Swift and Zayn Malik also star in the music video of the song making it a commercial success and one of the best songs in both their discographies.

2. Kendrick Lamar in Bad Blood

Taylor Swift & Kendrick Lamar

One of the most popular Taylor Swift songs, Bad Blood was a swoop-in for both artists. Coming from two different genres of rap and pop, the voices and the verses of both of them fit perfectly with one another to create this. Another reason why it worked so well was because of the star-studded music video showing the theme of conflict, betrayal and revenge. The collaboration was so beloved by the fans that fans began singing Kendrick Lamar verses in Taylor Swift’s live versions. 

3. Lana Del Rey in Snow on the Beach

Taylor Swift & Lana Del Rey
Source: NME

Two of the most prominent artists especially catering to female audiences finally collaborated on the Midnights album. Compared to the “sad girl” aesthetics of their songs, this song written by both of them had the themes of etherealism. Initially it received polarizing views because of the lack of solo vocals from Lana Del Rey. A version titled ”Snow on the beach ft. More Lana del Rey” was released, receiving incredible acclaim.

4. Bon Iver in Exile 

Bon Iver and Aaron Dessner performing
Source: Pitchfork

A frequent collaborator in the sister albums Folklore and Evermore, Taylor Swift collaborated on the heartbreak anthem called Exile. Two voices with two extremely different tones perfectly fit in the song which presents a conversation of two different perspectives. It received praise from both fans and music critics for its introspective and mature approach to storytelling. It has since been a fan favourite.

5. Ed Sheeran in End Game 

Ed Sheeran & Taylor Swift
Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Real-life friends collaborated in the song End Game consisting of fun and upbeat tunes in the album “Reputation”. The song had verses from both the singers along with the artist Future. It featured solo verses of all the singers involved resulting in a hit song. It also showcased Ed Sheeran’s rap skills along with some unique hip vocals from Taylor Swift in a song of fame of public life.

6. The National in Coney Island

Source: Audacy

Like Bon Iver, Taylor Swift collaborated with Matt Berninger and his Indie Rock band The National on a number of songs in the albums Folklore and Evermore. The most well-received amongst them was “Coney Island”. Matt Berninger’s indie voice, Taylor Swift’s pop vocals, and Aaron Dessner’s writing earned acclaim for their song with its lyrics and soft tunes.

In the world of music, collaborations have the power to create something truly magical. Moreover, when it comes to Taylor Swift collaborations, magic is exactly what we get. From chart-topping hits to unforgettable live performances, Taylor Swift collaborations have consistently pushed the boundaries of creativity and artistry.

As we’ve explored some of the best Taylor Swift collaborations, it’s clear that her ability to connect with fellow artists and craft exceptional music knows no bounds. Taylor Swift collaborations never fail to leave a lasting impression. It doesn’t matter whether she’s teaming up with country legends, pop icons, or indie favorites,

So, as we eagerly await her next musical venture, let’s celebrate the magic of Taylor Swift songs that have enriched our playlists and touched our hearts. Here’s to the future of music and the promise of more unforgettable Taylor Swift songs to come!