Are you tired of the same old routine on Netflix, endlessly scrolling through the popular titles that everyone’s already talking about? It’s time to dig deeper and discover the hidden gems on Netflix that are waiting to be explored. In the vast universe of streaming content, there are hidden gems on Netflix just waiting to be uncovered.

These are the shows and movies that, while not always in the spotlight, offer a rich and rewarding viewing experience. Now, it’s time to embark on a journey of cinematic and episodic exploration, delving into the treasures that often go unnoticed. So, join us as we dive into the world of underrated shows and movies, unveiling the hidden gems on Netflix that are sure to captivate any true movie buff.

Underrated Shows on Netflix

Netflix has become a breeding ground for innovative and diverse television shows, but some of them have remained underappreciated, often overshadowed by more popular series. Here are some of the underrated shows on Netflix that deserve your attention:

1. Feel Good

Feel Good - Netflix series
Source: IMDb

“Feel Good” is a comedy-drama – binge-worthy Netflix show that masterfully balances humor with raw, emotional storytelling. The series revolves around the life of a stand-up comedian who’s trying to make it in the world of comedy while grappling with addiction, trauma, and complicated romantic relationships. This show doesn’t hold back in exploring the complexities of human emotions and relationships, and it does so with an incredible dose of wit and humor. Mae Martin’s performance as the lead is both charming and deeply relatable, making “Feel Good” a hidden gem that speaks to the heart.

2. Blood of Zeus

Blood of Zeus netflix
Source: Netflix

If you’re a fan of Greek mythology and epic battles, “Blood of Zeus” is a must-watch. Furthermore, this animated series offers a fresh and thrilling reimagining of the classic tales of gods, demigods, and mythical creatures. Moreover, the story follows a young man who discovers he is the son of Zeus and must take up the mantle of a hero to protect humanity from a demonic army. Additionally, the animation in “Blood of Zeus” is a visual feast, with meticulously designed characters and stunning action sequences. It’s a gripping journey through the world of Greek mythology, blending ancient legends with a modern, darker twist.

3. The OA

The OA netflix
Source: Netflix

“The OA” is a mind-bending sci-fi series that will keep you guessing at every turn. The story begins when a young woman returns after being missing for seven years, only to claim she has supernatural abilities and a mission to save other people like her. The show explores themes of identity, belief, and the power of storytelling, and it does so in a way that keeps you on the edge of your seat. “The OA” takes you on a surreal and thought-provoking journey that challenges the boundaries of reality and fiction.

4. Santa Clarita Diet

Santa Clarita Diet
Source: Netflix

“Santa Clarita Diet” is a delightful blend of horror and comedy that offers a unique take on the zombie genre. Transitioning to the story, it follows a suburban couple whose lives take a bizarre and hilarious turn when the wife transforms into a flesh-eating zombie. Moreover, Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant deliver exceptional performances, and their chemistry on-screen is undeniable. Furthermore, the show’s dark humor and satirical take on suburban life make it a hidden gem that stands out in the crowded world of television.

5. Sense8

Source: Netflix

“Sense8” is a science fiction series that introduces us to eight strangers from different parts of the world who are mysteriously mentally and emotionally connected. They must protect each other from a sinister organization that seeks to hunt them down. The show not only offers a thrilling narrative but also delves into complex themes like identity, diversity, and the power of empathy. With breathtaking international locations and a diverse cast, “Sense8” is a visually stunning and emotionally resonant hidden gem that will take you on a rollercoaster of emotions.

6. Derry Girls

Derry Girls netflix
Source: Netflix

“Derry Girls” is a comedic gem set against the backdrop of the Troubles in Northern Ireland during the 1990s. The show follows a group of teenage girls as they navigate the challenges and hilarities of growing up in a tumultuous time. Additionally, “Derry Girls” is a perfect blend of humor and heartfelt moments, with a cast of characters that will make you fall in love with their quirks and charm. Moreover, this hidden gem brings humor to a historically complex period, reminding us that even in the toughest times, laughter can be a beacon of hope.

Underrated Movies on Netflix

While Netflix is renowned for its vast library of films, not all movies receive the recognition they deserve. Here are some underrated movies on Netflix that you should definitely check out:

1. Tramps (2016)

Source: Moveable Fest

Tramps is a charming romantic comedy that follows Danny, an aspiring young chef, and Ellie, a street-smart girl, who find themselves entangled in a mission to exchange a mysterious briefcase. When they accidentally swap the wrong case, they set off on a series of adventures that bring them closer and showcase their undeniable chemistry. With a runtime of just 82 minutes, Tramps is a delightful escapade that is perfect for a cozy movie night.

2. I’m No Longer Here (2020)

I'm No Longer Here (2020) - one of the hidden gems on netflix
Source: Netflix

This poignant drama is set in Monterrey, Mexico, and tells the story of Ulises, a 17-year-old leader of a gang of misfits known as Los Terkos. Forced to flee to the United States after a violent incident, Ulises struggles to adapt to a new culture while missing his home and friends. I’m No Longer Here offers a powerful portrayal of subcultures and a generation, as well as a commentary on immigration and identity. The film runs for 112 minutes, taking viewers on an emotional journey.

3. The Call (2020)

The Call (2020) - one of the hidden gems on netflix
Source: Netflix

A thrilling remake of the 2011 Korean film of the same name, The Call follows Seo-yeon, a young woman who moves back to her childhood home. There, she receives a phone call from a stranger named Young-sook, who is calling from the same house but 20 years in the past. As the two form a friendship, Seo-yeon realizes that Young-sook is a serial killer who can alter the present by changing the past. The Call is a gripping and suspenseful ride that will keep you on the edge of your seat. This thriller has a runtime of 112 minutes.

4. Athlete A (2020)

Athlete A (2020) - one of the hidden gems on netflix
Source: Netflix

The documentary “Athlete A” delves into the shocking sexual abuse scandal that rocked the U.S. gymnastics team. Additionally, it centers on the former team doctor, Larry Nassar, who molested hundreds of young athletes for decades. Furthermore, the film extensively explores the investigative work carried out by the journalists from The Indianapolis Star, who broke the story. Simultaneously, it sheds light on the survivors who bravely came forward to seek justice. This heart-wrenching documentary exposes a systemic cover-up and a culture of silence. Moreover, it celebrates the bravery and resilience of the survivors. “Athlete A” boasts a runtime of 104 minutes and is a must-see for those with an interest in true stories of courage and justice.

5. Bombay Rose (2019)

Bombay Rose (2019) - one of the hidden gems on netflix
Source: Netflix

Bombay Rose is an animated film that serves as a love story set in the vibrant backdrop of Mumbai, India. Kamala, a flower seller who works at a dance bar, falls in love with Salim, a Kashmiri boy who sells newspapers. However, their romance faces the harsh realities of their lives, including poverty, violence, and religious conflict. Nonetheless, the film is a beautiful and colorful ode to the city and its people, paying homage to Bollywood cinema and music. With a runtime of 93 minutes, Bombay Rose is a visually stunning and emotionally resonant journey.

In a world of mainstream entertainment, it’s easy to get lost in the crowd. However, the beauty of Netflix lies in its diverse library, offering hidden gems that deserve your attention. Uncover these true hidden gems on Netflix, as these underrated shows and movies await your exploration, ready to captivate you with their unique charm and captivating stories.

So, next time you’re in the mood for something new and exciting, remember that the real treasures are often concealed just beneath the surface. Grab your remote, sit back, and let these hidden gems on Netflix transport you to worlds unknown. Happy streaming, and may you continue to uncover the hidden gems that make your cinematic journey truly unforgettable.